On 9 July 1993 Mekong Club opened its doors in the heart of Cabramatta and today remains an important meeting point for many Vietnamese Australians

Mekong has always been involved with the community and is a major supporter of important cultural events and community groups in Fairfield City area - in particular the TET Festival and Cabramatta Moon Festival are two major cultural events that Mekong has been supporting for over a decade.

Mekong is a vibrant entertainment destination showcasing some of the best local Vietnamese performers at its weekly dance night. The Club is widely known for its Vietnamese Karaoke (Sing with the Band) and in more recent times for the introduction of “Singing Bingo”.

There is a daily member’s badge draw with no less than seven draws per day, as well as monthly swipe promotions and major cash draws, noting these are traditionally conducted in Vietnamese given this is the primary Club audience.

Mekong Advisory Board Members

  • Bruce Ly - Chairman
  • Dominic Vu - Advisory Board Member
  • Viet Nguyen - Advisory Board Member
  • Tinh Minh Truong - Advisory Board Member
  • Duc Doan - Advisory Board Member




Monday to Sunday
10.00am – 3.00am

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